Woo boy, if you missed the conference from Bethesda last night during E3, then you missed a ton of good stuff. Filled with just as much cringe as you’d expect from an E3 show, Bethesda ended up delivering on a ton of different fronts last night. Luckily for you, I’m here to round-up all the nice trailers and announcements we got last night so buckle up, let’s get ready.

Doom Eternal:

The next entry in the DOOM franchise is coming and it looks as if Hell is coming to Earth. We were promised double the amount of demons and tons more insane action. Check out the trailer below.

Fallout Shelter:

For all of you mobile game fans out there, Fallout Shelter was present this year. This makes sense as the game is turning three this year and Bethesda is celebrating. Fallout Shelter is coming to a slew of new platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Though we didn’t get a special trailer attached, the game became available to download that night, as per usual with E3.

Prey: Mooncrash Typhon Hunt:

Two members of the team behind Prey took the stage to talk about what’s next for the game. Though we didn’t get any news about a sequel of any kind, they did have some pretty nice looking content to show off. Mooncrash is the name of a new piece of DLC which takes players to the Moon in an infinitely replay-able game mode. There are multiple new characters to play as in this DLC. Along with this, there is a VR-compatible mode called Typhon Hunt where you and 5 other players go up against each other. Five players are mimics playing against the one player that plays as a human. It definitely sounds like Bethesda is pulling out all the stops to bring players back to Prey. Check out the trailer for Mooncrash!

Quake Champions:

Of course we got some information for Quake Champions in one of the more cringey segments of the night. We were treated to a nice snippet followed by the announcement that every one can try the game in a free version of the game during the time period of June 10th-17th. I’m sure we’ll get more information at QuakeCon later this year, but until then, check out the trailer they showed.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Cyberpilot:

It wouldn’t truly be a Bethesda conference without mention of killing fucking Nazis (they dropped the f bomb like three times). Again, we weren’t treated to a typical sequel to last year’s hit, Wolfenstein 2, but we did get some pretty sweet announcements. Lining up with the story, Wolfenstein Youngblood was announced. Youngblood follows the story of BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters. Youngblood, having two protagonists, was announced to be a cooperative experience, so we can kill Nazis with our closest friends. Wolfenstein Cyberpilot was announced towards the end which is a VR experience where you play as a resistance hacker. Check out the trailer for Youngblood below.

Rage 2:

In my opinion, one of the main games of the show, was shown at the top of the hour. We were treated to a one song concert from the one and only, Andrew W.K. Afterwards some developers came out and talked about the action packed Rage 2. We got some excellent looking footage from the game that further solidified that Bethesda holds the mantle for these single-player action games. In possibly the most meta way to announce a collector’s edition, a TV screen in the trailer showed off what comes with it. An actual talking Ruckus the Crusher head that you can mount on your wall, voiced by Andrew W.K. comes with the collectors edition of the game. Check out the trailer for yourself.

Fallout 76:

The game that every came to the showcase for, Fallout 76. We were given a tiny snippet from the Microsoft presser by Todd Howard, which led to a full course meal of trailers at the Bethesda show. Turns out Fallout 76 is going to be an always online game with multiplayer, a first for this series of games. It was said that you can still play the game solo, or with a group of other survivors. Not much else was explained how the online would be handled, but Bethesda is conducting a Beta to ensure they get this 100% right. Settlement building is coming back in a huge way with the C.A.M.P. which allows players to set up wherever they see fit and get building. Players can fight for nuclear launch codes that allow them to nuke an area that creates new enemies and lootable materials. Check out the official E3 launch trailer below. Oh did I mention that the game launches this November?

The Elder Scrolls:

Every year we have hopes that Bethesda will announce the next entry in the mainline Elder Scrolls franchise. Well, I am excited to say that this year we got that, as well as a ton of new Elder Scrolls related reveals. One of the guys from The Elder Scrolls Legends came out to talk about the state of the game. They showed off a little trailer for the game showing off how you can play the game anywhere you go. Check it out.

The Elder Scrolls Online was present at E3 2018 as well. The team talked about how Summerset just released and how well it is doing. We were treated to a compilation of major events from the base game and all he chapters and DLC so far. One of the game directors talked about what is next for the online hit. The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire is the next DLC that will be released for the game.

The next Elder Scrolls announcement we got was a completely new game. There were rumors of another mobile game from Bethesda and it only makes sense that it takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe. The Elder Scrolls: Blades takes the adventure to a mobile platform. You will be able to download this on most platforms, to include PC and Mobile Devices. Todd Howard even dropped the, “console,” term when talking about this one. Check out the trailer below.

Of course there was no other Elder Scrolls related news so lets just move on the the next title.


Yes, yes, mother fucking yes, the theories and speculation were all true, Bethesda has finally announced their first new franchise in 20 years, Starfield. They didn’t say much, though Todd Howard dropped the term, “next generation,” of gaming. Does this mean it won’t be available until a new console generation is out? I sure as hell hope not. They didn’t say much else, but showed this badass little snippet.

The Elder Scrolls VI:

Yeah that’s right, God Howard himself delivered the biggest mic drop in E3 history when he dropped just a little taste of The Elder Scrolls VI. People are already tearing this trailer apart to find out where the game takes place, which everyone seems to think will be High Rock. Makes sense with the locale but check it out, and get as excited as I did when we watched it.

I can’t leave this post without talking about how Todd Howard went super meta and made a trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition. I have no other words, enjoy the rest of E3 everyone!

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