Beyond and The Last of Us Steal the Show at Sony’s E3 Media Briefing

I had the pleasure of attending the Sony media briefing today, and not only was it a grand experience, but I truly enjoyed most of the game demos presented to us.  There were many cheer worthy moments such as when Kratos fought an elephant headed biped, or the fact that kids may one day read books with the aid of AR technology, but the true stars of the Sony presser were Quantic Dream’s new Beyond: Two Souls, and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.  I can’t remember the last time two game demos had such an effect on me.

The Last of Us seemed so familiar to another ND game, yet while I watched it in action today I realized that it’s cleverly unique.  The Last of Us looks to have some of the greatest use of strategic melee combat mixed with interwoven cinematics that I’ve ever seen before.  Watching the male protagonist literally bash, smash, and shoot his way into a run down building felt like I was witnessing one of the most solid hand to hand combat games of all-time, and let’s not forget that this is an end of days thriller.  Not to mention that the little girl character, who was AI controlled, provides some perfect dialogue at the right moments to really sell the bond she shares with her protector.  You must watch the footage below to experience this game for yourself.  It definitely helped having a transforming screen and booming sound system at the presser, but I think you’ll still feel the emotion of Last of Us just the same.

The Last of Us E3 2012 Walkthrough

Now Beyond: Two Souls really did take me by surprise.  I knew Quantic Dream was working on a new IP, but up until I watched the reveal today I had no clue what the game would entail.  Well I do now, and I absolutely love it.  Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Paige (who says games aren’t an art form) as Jamie Holmes who definitely has a her issues, as well as what seemed to be some sort of supernatural abilities.  I’m hoping to learn more as the week progresses, but according to what we saw tonight this game has potential to be something brilliant.  Just like Last of Us you must watch the E3 footage for Beyond: Two Souls if you haven’t seen it yet.  Keep in mind while you’re doing so that all of what you’re seeing is in-game engine footage, meaning that it isn’t just a doctored up cutscene.

BEYOND Full E3 2012 Trailer

With these two titles, and some other interesting new technology like Wonderbook, I have to give the edge to Sony if you asked me who had a more exciting media briefing today.  I can’t stress how awesome the two games I gushed about above were.  PS3 fans definitely have something to look forward to over the coming months, and Vita owners can sleep easy knowing that there’s a host of new content coming out that actually looks fun to play.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, kudos to Sony.  You’ve been amazed at how entertaining Sony’s E3 2012 presser was…


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