Big Ben Back on the Field – Hide Your Daughters…

Well Ben Roethlisberger has been cleared to return to team activities, but his 6-game suspension is still in tact for now.  He made his return to the Steelers’ voluntary 5 week camp today, which is already in its fourth week, whoops.  I guess Mr. Goodell felt Ben was on the right track and allowed him to start participating in team functions.  Hopefully, Ben will keep his trouser snake in check and not make anymore fudge-ups between now and the beginning of the season.

I really think the NFL will shorten Ben’s sentence to 4 games as opposed to the current 6 game ban if Roethlisberger can behave.  Until then, Ben can participate in all summer camps and practices, as well as the Pre-season games, but once the season starts he is dundy.  All us Steeler fans can hope for is an amazing turn around from this chump.

I’m hoping for a season of redemption even with their season in the sh*tter from the get go by not having Captain Fondler available to start.  Only time will tell if Big Ben and the Steelers can pull themselves out of the commode and return to dominance.  I sure as hell hope they do, I don’t want to suffer another season of losing to the Clowns and Ben-Gals.  You’ve been given another chance Benjamin, don’t screw it up…

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