Big Ben Loses His Jerky: Not the One You May Think

Big Ben may have beat another sex charge, but he lost a sponsor in the process.  I don’t know who would even buy this crap, but he used to hock Big Ben’s Beef Jerky.  PLB Sports produced the dried meat alternative, and came out today announcing they will no longer support his decisions in life.  We probably aren’t talking Tiger Woods money, but I’m sure it’s better than most of us make in a year.

Ben is in NY today meeting with the God Father of the NFL, Roger Goodell, to see if he will face any penalties from the NFL.  I have a feeling that he’ll walk away free, but Goodell may have to make some sort of move, so he doesn’t look like a Klan member.  He really has only punished black gentleman up to this point, so will he go after one of the game’s biggest stars?

Regardless, I hope Ben is starting to realize that acting like a tool isn’t the way to behave when your famous.  The Rooney’s and Pittsburgh fans won’t take much more BS from this hillbilly.  Trust me I used to live there.  They love their Steelers, but even if you’re the star you don’t get a free pass.  The moment he starts to perform like a bum on the field due to outside distractions, they’ll drop their support quicker than Sarah Palin telling you she’s a rogue.

You’ve been enlightened…

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