Big Ben: Monday Will be Judgement Day

My man for the time being still isn’t a criminal, but that may all change on Monday.  April 13th will be the day that the DA in his recent sex scandal case lays down the law.  Regardless of the ruling, I still think someone should take this guy out back behind the wood shed and beat some sense into him.  I’m more worried about how the Steelers will perform minus Ben than his own personal issues, but I won’t lie, they need him to be great.

I have a feeling he’s going to get off on this case twice.  Once with the girl in the bathroom, and when the DA drops the charges on Monday.  Celebs can get away with murder just ask your buddy OJ.  If anything I hope this kid has finally learned his lesson.

“Quit tyring to be a baller, your from Findlay, OH Mr. Roethlisberger!  Embrace what you are, a country boy with a gift.  Quit trying to be a thug from Detroit, or whatever other persona you’re trying to project.  You are the man, but you don’t have the power of Tiger Woods to recover from one too many sex mishaps.  Do you really want to lose to the Ben-gals twice in the same year again?”

You’ve been put in your place…

Via [TMZ]


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