Big Ben to Increase Small Town Tourism?

I think it’s official, people from the South have gone mad.  Well, maybe not all of them, but I can’t say the same for Richard Bentley, the mayor of Milledgeville, GA.  Why exactly am I writing about a mayor of some small town?  If you’ve been following the Ben Roethlisberger case you may be familiar with Milledgeville, GA because this is the town that Ben allegedly committed his latest sex crime.  I guess the mayor has announced that he’ll take any publicity for his town that he can get.

I’m not too sure capitalizing on the misfortunes of a young lady are the best things to draw in toursim, but whatever works, works, right?  It’s a backwards way of thinking, but I’m sure his heart is in the right place.  It’s just a shame that the reason your town is famous is because a celebrity allegedly tried to force himself on a young lady at one of your local business establishments.  You have to give him credit for creative marketing, I’m just not sure too many others will follow his lead.  Imagine your town’s slogan being, “Come to (fill in your town’s name here), the place where celebs come to sexually assault our residents!”

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [TMZ]


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