Big Surprise: 7 Former IW Employees Team Up With Respawn Entertainment

For any of my regular readers or gaming enthusiasts the whole Infinity Ward saga is a familiar topic these days.  I’ve been writing about the mass exodus of IW employees after the studios executives were fired by Activision.  It has been quite the spectacle and a lesson for all big corporations, which is don’t F with the talent, just sit back and watch the cash roll in while you do nothing but make your employees miserable.

With that being said it’s no big surprise that 7 former IW employees have officially signed up with their former bosses new studio, Respawn Entertainment.  According to the seven castaways include former IW lead designer Todd Alderman, former lead animator Mark Grisby, lead environmental artist Chris Cherubini, lead animator John Paul Messerly, former Infinity Ward software engineer Rayme C. Vinson, programmer Jon Shiring and former lead designer Mackey McCandlish has now reportedly joined Respawn Entertainment under the same development roles.

I’d say the gangs all here ‘eh?  I’m just waiting to see when Robert Bowling aka “402” makes the jump.  That poor bastard must be hating life right now.  His whole former team has been demolished and now all his buds are working for the good guys.  I wonder what his obligations to Activision are, maybe he has some fat ass deal that’s too huge to walk away from?  Hopefully he doesn’t sell his soul to big business, because it will rob you of all that makes you, well, you[slider title=”.”]Does that make sense?  It sure is a lot of you’s.  Youdy, you, you, you.[/slider]

You’ve been enlightened…

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