I got to check out two companies at E3 this year, and those companies are known as MyArcade and Bionik. MyArcade creates tons of nifty little tabletop arcade cabinets, of which I got to take home Bad Dudes. They’re fun little time killers and essential decor for anyone’s nerd room, it looks kickass on top of my shelf of games. They also make a bunch of other neat little accessories they make, such as an adapter that lets you play Famicom and Super Famicom games on NES and SNES consoles. They’re just little adapters that you put the cartridges in, but they’re reliable, sturdy, and made in such a way that won’t hurt your systems.

Bionik, on the other hand, is proficient in making all kinds of accessories for modern consoles. They make special carrying cases for the Nintendo Switch, they make all kinds of small stuff like nice charger cables for controllers, etc. They’ve got a slew of charging ports for the three current systems that can charge multiple controllers at once. Their newest one is for the Switch, which can charge a Pro controller as well as two JoyCons and fits nicely on a TV stand without taking up too much space. Below, you’ll find a ton of pictures, since it’s a lot easier to show than tell, and we know how much you like glamour shots.

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