Bioshock Infinite Gets First DLC Pack, Additional Packs Announced


Irrational Games has taken the first step in ensuring that gamers across the world won’t be putting Bioshock Infinite down anytime soon thanks to their release of the game’s first DLC pack today.

The first DLC pack for Bioshock Infinite, entitled ‘Clash in the Clouds’, pits players against varied challenges in order to put their combat know-how to the test. The challenges are tough, and the only way to survive is to master the diverse set of tools at your disposal. Combining weapons, Vigors and the game’s signature Sky-Line is the only way to make it through Clash in the Clouds’ four all new areas. Surviving the DLC nets players some sweet bonuses, including new concept art, Voxophones and Kinetoscopes.

Irrational Games has also announced that Clash in the Clouds isn’t the only DLC Pack that Bioshock Infinite will be seeing. The team has announced that they are hard at work on a second DLC pack, a two-part episode featuring Booker and Elizabeth called ‘Burial at Sea’Burial at Sea is much more story driven than Clash in the Clouds, which goes to show that Irrational is dead-set on providing various ways to enhance the player’s experience within Bioshock Infinite.

The trailer for Clash in the Clouds can be found below, as well as the teaser for Burial at SeaClash in the Clouds is available for purchase today on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Bioshock Infinite Clash in the Clouds DLC Trailer:

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 Official Trailer:

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