BioShock Infinite’s Booker Goes Dumpster Diving for Health

The Mega64 YouTube channel has just released a hilarious BioShock Infinite parody that features Booker trying to get his health back by eating various food items sprinkled throughout the environment.

What makes this parody so entertaining is the fact that it takes place in real life. One of the Mega 64 team members walks around town in his Booker costume and eats trash and other discarded food items to get his health back. All of these scenes are shot in a hidden camera show setup, so the reactions of the people not in on the gag are priceless. Chubby Booker gets all sorts of odd looks from onlookers and diners, and even gets yelled at a few times when he begins to gross everyone out with his first-aid tactics. Life isn’t easy when you rely on discarded items for health. Make sure to check out the BioShock Infinite parody above.


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