‘Black Future ’88’ Hands-On Preview – Die to Survive

Black Future ’88 is a Synth-Punk, rogue-like 2D action shooter. Vertically climb an always evolving procedural tower to reach the top and kill its insane owner… before your heart explodes. Shoot, slash, dash and upgrade yourself to survive the endless waves of deadly traps, homicidal AI, crazed junkies and colossal Wardens standing in your way in a stylish alternative version of the year 1988.

The world is reeling from a nuclear cataclysm, created by Duncan, the tower architect. The first of his bombs fell in the summer of 1988, and by December they had blacked out the sun with the end-less rain. We decided to stop keeping time after this event, and it’s been 1988 ever since. Everything that lived through the initial attack will die in the extreme floods that followed. These are the times after, where there are no more months, or even weeks… everything is measured in minutes left to live.

Take on the mantle of one of the last survivors, and fight your way to the top of the tower to kill the architect and stop the endless nuclear rain. Ascend to die, and die to survive!

Black Future ’88 was a blast. I had a hands-on preview with my co-writer at E3 2018 and we had so much fun we didn’t want to put the controllers down. It was honestly a little addicting! First of all, the ’80s were such a cool time for fashion and art style; creating a game surrounding this time period gives it that extra artistic boost that’s pretty popular right now. The art style used in Black Future ’88 was very eye-catching and very unique. I also give the game props because, though a 2D action shooter isn’t a new genre, Black Future ’88 was different. There are so many sequels and HD remakes coming out, that I feel unique games like these get lost in the pile!

Some of the features of Black Future ’88:

  • Play through a unique take on a retro cyberpunk dystopia and fight to survive through 5 distinct zones each with their own challenges
  • Play as one of 5 playable characters, each with their own unique buffs and weaknesses
  • Test you wits and reflexes with a friend in couch co-op, and experience a completely unique take on the co-op rogue-like
  • Death never sounded so good thanks to an all killer original analog-synth soundtrack performed by Tremor Low
  • …. and so much more!


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