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Black Ops 4‘s new Blackout Battle Royale looks pretty awesome, albeit a lot more complicated and full of stuff than what it’s going up against. I think the biggest question that I have about this is whether or not it’s too much, especially when it doesn’t take much to die and it takes a lot of time to get to the fun. Who’s to say you’ll get to the fun part of your game before you die?

In games like Fortnite, once you’ve got a gun, you’re on equal ground with most of the other players. In Blackout, you can get helicopters, gun boats, all kinds of gadgets, all kinds of different guns, etc. I think what will set this one apart is that you’ll have to play super aggressively to get one of those power items like a helicopter before other people. Hiding and conserving what you have won’t be viable, and I think I like that idea a whole lot. I think rounds will end a lot faster, and that makes me excited to play and watch other people play! Check out the trailer above and get a closer look at the game mode and let us know what your favorite part of it is!

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