It’s been a very long time since I’ve been interested in a Call of Duty game, but Black Ops 4 is actually starting to grab my attention. This livestream that Treyarch held this morning has a lot of interesting news about the multiplayer, including how certain mechanics and tuning has worked over time. The cover a lot about the maps, including four maps from previous Black Ops games that will be available at launch. Those are as follows:  Jungle, Slums, Summit, and Firing Range. “What, why not Nuketown!?” you might say. Well calm down, because they’re also bringing that back, but after launch in November. These maps will be available for anyone who plays Black Ops 4.

If you’d like to see from fly throughs of the new game maps, you can skip right through to minute 39:00 of the stream, where they describe and show a fly through of each of the four new maps created for Black Ops 4 multiplayer. Keep an eye our for the Call of Duty World League event in Anaheim, CA the weekend after E3 because Black Ops 4 multiplayer will be playable there, and tickets are available at this link here –> Interested in watching the livestream? It will be available at this link right here –>

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