Black Ops III – “Shadows Of Evil” Zombies Trailer

So the latest addition to the Zombies modes in the Call of Duty games, dubbed “Shadows Of Evil”, is pretty damn crazy looking. Exo Zombies was pretty frenetic and nuts in Advanced Warfare, but this stuff is just next level crazy. Like some kind of crazy love child between Call of Duty, Bioshock, Sin City, and The Darkness, complete with all the stuff you know and love like upgrading weapons to their cool, metallic, laser counterparts, power ups, and all different kinds of zombies, with some new stuff thrown in.

What look like combinations between zombies and aliens also make a new appearance, drawing inspiration from Ghosts’ alien creatures, it looks like, and although they look pretty terrifying, they also look fun as hell to bring down. The story looks like it’s gonna be pretty decent in this one, with each of the four character’s back stories apparently being pretty important, as week as providing explanation to their specific abilities.

Check out the trailer and screenshots for yourself, if anything, it’s certainly interesting! You can also check out the newly announced collector’s editions for the game below.

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