Black Panther and Sigma Fight Dirty in ‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ Trailer

I mean, this game has been out for what, a week? And now we’re already getting shown the first DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that’s launching in just a couple of weeks. Sure seems like it should have just been in the game to start with, especially considering that these characters are in the game already. Sigma is one of the main villains of the bloody storyline, and yet, you have to pay for him. How’s that for screwed up?

Of course, I’m not here to debate the ethics of DLC in games. I’m here to talk about how it looks so far! Black Panther looks a lot like Wolverine, and Sigma only has one hyper combo that resembles anything he ever did in a Mega Man X game. Essentially, it looks like there’s just no reason to buy this DLC other than having a hard-on for either of these characters.

At least we got Injustice 2 this year, right? Oh well, we’ll just have to wait another six or seven years to get a good MvC.


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