Black Widow is Back in First Teaser for Her Standalone Film

For some reason Marvel stealth released the first teaser for Black Widow, which is a MCU prequel slated to hit theaters May 2020. The trailer dropped around 2:00AM EST, so either an intern screwed up, or Marvel and Disney aren’t confident in this film, because that’s a poor time to try and promote a MCU movie.

The trailer itself is pretty good, if anything it has some eye opening music to get your day started, so I’m not sure why it was released while most of the consuming world was sleeping. Either way it looks and feels very MCU-ish, but it’s still odd that we didn’t get this movie a few years ago considering what happens to Natasha in Endgame. It feels bittersweet watching the character come to life again, but we all know she doesn’t make it, so I wonder if this movie will suffer due to that knowledge.

Check out the trailer above for yourself!

Black Widow hits theaters on May 1, 2020.

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