The Android OS is now king of the U.S. smartphone market, and it stepped over RIM’s famous Blackberry line to get there.  The Android OS rose from a respectable 23.5% market share in October 2010 to a lead grabbing 31.2% in January 2011 according to comScore.  That’s an amazing leap in market share, which definitely signifies that Google’s Android platform is here to stay.  Apple’s iOS which did have a slight edge on the Android OS in October with a 24.6% market share only went up to 24.7%.  I found that to be disheartening for Apple nation especially because Apple’s mobile platform is now available on another carrier in Verizon.

I truly thought one of the main reasons why Apple couldn’t take a firm lead in market share was because it was only available through AT&T, but that’s obviously not the case.  Maybe the blind faith that most Apple fans have in their products is starting to wane, especially considering the whole iPhone 4 debacle.  Android’s numbers should worry Apple a little bit, but I’m sure Jobs and friends will figure out some way to downplay these recent market share percentages.

They are masters of the spoken word.  Just talk to an Apple fanboy one day and you’ll see the power that Jobs’ company has over them.  He truly could box up poo and put an ‘i’ in front of it, and that product would more than likely sell like buffalo chips.  Check out the full smartphone market breakdown below.  You’re glad that you’re on the winning team…

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