Blackberry OS 6.0 Update: Looking Like the iPhone

I’m a big fan of Blackberry, but I also appreciate the wonders of the iPhone.  At this point in time I’m locked into using a Blackberry, so any news of an updated operating system for my Storm 2 is most excellent.  From what I read and saw the Blackberry OS 6.0 package looks to be taking some cues from the iPhone OS.  There’s nothing wrong with copying greatness, just ask Bill Gates.

The major improvements coming with OS 6.0 are going to be in the browser and overall touchscreen behaviors.  The browser looks to be getting tabbed browsing almost dead nuts on to what is on the iPhone now.  The update will also improve the overall look of the browser with a new dark gray skin, also similar to the iPhone.

The media player is also getting a makeover and will implement touchscreen abilities to scroll through album art and artists.  Like I said the Blackberry OS 6.0 should just be called the iPhone update for your Blackberry.  Messaging is supposed to be improved with larger icons for social networking messages, and pinch to zoom functionality is also a new feature to be added a la Apple’s style for resizing pics.

The home screen is also being configured to have multiple pages of icons now, which is very similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I’m starting to wonder if some Apple defecters are now working for RIM, the company behind Blackberry’s.

Finally, Blackberry OS 6.0 will bring in a context sensitive touch feature that will bring up menus via your finger click for specific functions on the phone.  For example, if you’re in an e-mail, instead of clicking the BB menu button to send you could click the screen and have the pop-up menu displayed.

As a BB owner I have to admit I’m excited that these changes are being implemented.  I’m all about copying features that work, and Apple’s devices always have the cutting-edge when it comes to style and functionality.  Hopefully each BB carrier will release the OS 6.0 update as soon as RIM approves it.  If this is the case the OS update should be available this June or July.  I’ll watch your back and let you know when more details come out.  Check out some screenshots of the new OS 6.0 below.

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