Blade Ballet is an upcoming game from new studio Dreamsail Games. The studio was started by former Insomniac Games developer Justin Sanders and Scholastic Games developer Kevin Porras. After sitting down to a game session with Kevin and Cindy who also works with the team, I learned about what makes Blade Ballet special and what plans the studio has going forward for it.

Blade Ballet is a multiplayer game in which different robots have a verity of weapons attached to them, and with those tools they must crush the competition. Up to four players can battle and in the current beta build there are two game modes, stock and timer. Stock is very similar to Super Smash Brothers, where each player has a set number of lives and the last bot standing claims victory.


Timed matches give you 30 seconds to slay and mangle as many rivals as you can. After each 30 second run someone is awarded a point and the map changes. Your cyber warriors are not your only foe though, each stage has hazards that can also claim your life and reward the daring with power ups such as temporary invincibility, super shields, or a faster movement speed.

The combat of Blade Ballet is what really makes it such a fun experience. You may spin your robots left or right while rushing at the other players, and each robot has a different amount of shields and/or weapons attached to them. My personal favorite for example is Siphon, who has three swords and no shields. While this makes my bot very deadly it also leaves his backside completely open to a well placed swing. Each robot also has a special skill of their own such as telephoning, increasing the size of their weapons, or being able to rush in a straight line for a deadly accurate strike.


I feel this game is something perfect for gathering friends around near or far and sharing laughs. I for one couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I played, and it gave me the same feeling I got playing old school Mario Party games with friends.


When Blade Ballet launches I will be doing an official review of the game, but besides talking about what to expect I want to talk about some of the things Blade Ballet’s developers shared with me. They plan on putting out more bots with free updates instead of large paid DLC. In addition to those updates they plan to add more game modes, which are in the works but they don’t want to spoil anything yet. I pressed for more information on these modes, but all they would say is they plan on focusing on this game for the foreseeable future, and want to make Blade Ballet something that gamers will keep coming back to. Make sure to check out Blade Ballet when it launches August 9th and come back for the full post beta review here on Entertainment Buddha!


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