Blaxploitation Star Wars Flick

I think most people agree that Lando Calrissian could be one of the coolest mother f*ckers in the Galaxy!  Unfortunately, he really didn’t get the prime spotlight in the two Star Wars feature films that he was in.  Luckily, a Lando fanboy made a movie called, ‘BlackStar Warrior’, which features the suave ladies man as the main character in the Star Wars universe.  The trailer is pure blaxploitation goodness, and after watching it I think Lando may actually be a bigger pimp than Han Solo.

All that was missing from this short was Lando sipping on a Colt 45 at the Mos Eisley Catina, while getting his groove on to the band, and spitting his game to some green alien babes.  Check it out below.  It even has a funky Shaft-like soundtrack to it.  You’ve been thinking that George needs to scrub Mace Windu all together and re-cast Samuel L. Jackson as BlackStar Warrior…


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