Blazing Chrome is now available for multiple platforms, and if you grew up playing the likes of Contra or Metal Slug, then it’s a title worth looking into. In fact, it may even feel better than Contra to you, which is what I experienced throughout my review period. At this point, the only aspect of it that didn’t quite live up to its Contra homage is its music, but even that is solid — it just wasn’t as catchy as some of those O.G. Contra level songs.

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“Hey now fans of the 16-bit era, Matt Heywood here to review Blazing Chrome, or what I like to call a Contra love letter that rivals the original.

Make no bones about it, Blazing Chrome is a direct homage to the Contra franchise, in particular, the first game, and Super Contra. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay is a nod to Contra’s unforgettable, punishing, side-scrolling action.

It offers 2-player co-op with two unique heroes in Mavra and Doyle, and six missions to tackle. Instead of taking on an alien infestation, you’re tasked with rebelling against robot overlords hellbent on ruling the Earth.

Each of the six missions feature varied environments and challenges. The core of the gameplay revolves around platforming and quick twitch, run and gun action. It’s 100% contra authentic, and I have to say that the controls and action overall feel much more precise than those offered in the Contra franchise. The characters felt a bit faster, and not as feathery while jumping, but that doesn’t make the challenge any easier, because this game is no slouch, even on easier difficulties. 

Unlike Contra, there are multiple difficulty settings, so you have a bit of control over the type of challenge you want. Let’s just say that here shouldn’t be a need for a Konami code to get through the game if you’re finding a difficulty setting to be too steep. But Blazing Chrome’s challenges are legit, so it’s no walk in the park and will challenge the most skilled gamers. 

I enjoyed the mini-boss and boss fights the most, as they provided for fun, but intense challenges. The bosses are very retro in that they have defined attack patterns, but even those are hard to conquer thanks to the finely tuned challenge this game offers. 

The weapon and gear pickups also add some variety, and I appreciated the fact that you could switch between weapon pickups as long as you didn’t die, which in turn would wipe out whatever weapons you had in your kit.

Co-op provides for the most fun, but Blazing Chrome is also a great single-player game thanks to the increased challenge of not having a wingman or woman. 

If you love arcade style retro games, especially those called Contra, then you will also find what Blazing Chrome has to offer to be right up your alley. It costs about as much as a movie ticket, and offers all sorts of replayability thanks to the hidden characters, co-op, and the various difficulty settings.

It just nails every aspect of what it wants to be, so Blazing Chrome is a 9 out of 10 type of game, and one I highly recommend for some good old school gaming fun. 

Thanks for watching, I’m Matt Heywood signing off for, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.”

Review Summary

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8.5
Entertainment Value - 9



Blazing Chrome completely nails its homage to the Contra franchise, so much so, that it feels like a better version of it.

 “Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

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