Blizzard Announces Sixth WoW Expansion – World of Warcraft: Legion

Among the plethora of information released from a variety of game developers during Gamescom 2015, one announcement debatably stole the show. During a live-stream event at the video game convention in Cologne, Germany, Blizzard announced the sixth expansion for their standard setting MMORPG: World of Warcraft: Legion.

The revival of Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds is the paramount reasoning behind The Burning Legion’s return, and the situation seems more dire than ever. Heroes across Azeroth are forced into reclusion as a result, finding safety within the doomed center of the ancient Night Elf civilization and new explorable region: The Broken Isles.

The Broken Isles Boasts Six Fully Explorable Areas

Players are granted access to various powerful perks in order to survive the new dilemma, and the announcement of Artifact Weapons is just one of many. These myth-forged weapons will grow in power as your character does – everything from its graphics and sounds to the weapon’s feel and abilities will be changed by the choices you make. Intended satisfaction granted from more customization is nice to see, and the weapons themselves are even better to behold.

Improved weaponry alone won’t turn the tide of battle, however. A new playable class, Demon Hunter, has been announced to further aid the heroes of Azeroth. These perceptive Elven outcasts harness the power of the Burning Legion, granting them enhanced mobility and the awe-inspiring ability to use Metamorphosis (akin to a little someone we all know and love).

Demon Hunter’s talent trees are extensive and allow players to choose from an array of playstyles. Only two trees have been unveiled thus far: Havoc and Vengeance. Havoc specializes in increasing damage output with a collection of chaotic energy, while Vengeance buffs resistance to damage and fuels specific Vengeance-based abilities.

The perks that Demon Hunters bring to the table continue to excite: Spectral Sight grants improved vision and detection of enemies, Metamorphosis further enhances their already superior speed, damage, or defensive capabilities while under the guise of a transformed demon, while Unrivaled Mobility imbues the player with increased swiftness, double-jumping, aerial attacks, and everything else you’d expect to come from a winged Illidari.

As of this writing, Blood and Night Elves are the only races allowed to play as a Demon Hunter, but don’t let the intensity of a new playable class overshadow the expansion’s other features. Order Halls are implemented in the expansion, allowing players to build more of a class-centric community by teaming up with NPCs of their respective class to carry out missions.

Needless to say, there’s a lot coming: a revamped PvP Honor System, new level cap of 110, new dungeon, raid, and world boss appearances, improved Transmogrification System, conveniently adjusted social features, and the traditional Character Boost to level 100 are all cards on the table.

Blizzard knows how to intrigue both past and present players with alluring features in each new expansion, and World of Warcraft: Legion is no different. Pre-purchases are currently locked on Blizzard’s website, but those whose curiosity must be satisfied can sign up for the expansion’s Beta here.


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