Blizzard Launches New Collectible Line Under Blizzard Collectibles

If you play games, then there’s a small chance you know about Blizzard Entertainment. You know, the minds behind games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch?

Yeah. You have probably heard of them.

Well, they have now announced a very high-end line of collectibles, known as Blizzard Collectibles. This line launched with a couple of really nice pieces like a Hearthstone Keepsake box, and two very nice World of Warcraft figures: Garrosh Hellscream and Illidan Stormrage. We’ve also seen Overwatch figures of Tracer and Reaper. Now get ready to open up your wallets, collectors–there is a new figure on the way.

Pictured above is the new Widowmaker figure that you can pre-order right now. The figure will be $150 USD and will stand at a whopping 13.5 inches tall with some crazy detail. You can get your hands on this item at Blizzard’s gear store here.


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