Blomkamp’s Oats Studios Releases Second Adam Short Rendered with Unity

Oats Studios, which is ran by Neill Blomkamp and his brother, has released the second chapter of Adam, which is an indie project completely rendered in the Unity gaming engine. The first chapter released back in 2016 to show off the visual fidelity of the engine, so this new chapter is a continuation of Adam’s story.

Adam: The Mirror follows the titular character as he struggles to remember who he is after being exiled into a post-apocalyptic world. The quality of the production is insane, and at times you won’t believe that you’re watching something created in a video game engine, but that just goes to show what Unity can do. Of course Neill’s creative pedigree has made the engine shine even more, so head on up above to check out the second chapter of Adam.

If you missed the first chapter you can check it out below.

About Adam 

At the Game Developers Conference in 2016, Unity’s Swedish demo team showcased the graphical quality achievable with Unity 5.4 by showing the first installment of Adam. According to Chris Harvey, “it blew people away, not only because it was visually fantastic, but the story was super intriguing with a massive cliffhanger.”

Adam, which went on to win several awards, including a Webby, tells the story of a human whose brain has been erased and imprisoned in a robotic shell. When the hero is expelled from a walled city with a crowd of his fellow prisoners, the newborn cyborg realizes he is exiled in a post-apocalyptic world.

“I was interested in directing several pieces on the story setup in the first Adam episode, […] the thematic backbone of it is a discussion of where your soul is,” explains Neill Blomkamp.

Second installment The Mirror finds our amnesiac hero on a deadly trek from the walled city to a refugee outpost, where he will discover a clue to his identity. The third episode, The Prophet, reveals an opposing tribe of survivors, this one human and heavily armed. Both films hint what the future might hold for the Adam universe. The films will be released on Oats’ YouTube channel.

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