Bloodborne’s Orchestral Music is Pitch Perfect

Prepare for some serious goosebumps, gamers.

Bloodborne, the upcoming action RPG from FromSoftware and Sony has continually impressed throughout its development cycle, wowing the gaming world with visceral combat and impeccable level design. The music of Bloodborne, it seems, is worthy of as much praise as any other element of the game.

In a new video, viewers are treated to the recording of Bloodborne’s soundtrack. Featured throughout the video is the live performance of ‘Cleric Beast’, composed by the venerable Tsukasa Saitoh.

Haunting chants, creeping strings and bellowing horns run throughout the song, adding a dark sense of atmosphere that fits perfectly with what we have seen of Bloodborne. FromSoftware’s Souls series has always had some great musical moments, including Dark Souls’ sonorous track, ‘Gwyn, Lord of Cinder’.

Bloodborne is set to release on March 24, 2015, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.


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