Bloody Gaming B975 Light Strike Keyboard Review

I have used many different keyboards in my day since getting into PC gaming. Everything from low end keyboards to the highest end gaming keyboards available on the market. Then, I have come across a company I have never heard of before, but offers some stellar products for PC gamers. Bloody Gaming makes everything from Mouse Mats to Gaming Keyboards and I was lucky enough to get my hands on their B975-Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard. The B975 is Bloody Gaming’s flagship keyboard for their 900 series and the highest quality that they offer. There are features on this keyboard that I have not seen/used before that work out really well when gaming.

There are a lot of things to like about this keyboard, from the solid aluminum cut body and the water-resistant nano-coating to the Light Strike Libra switches that use detection to pick up your keystrokes at a mind numbing .2ms reaction time. This shows true in that I have had very little miss-strokes while typing or playing a game. The keyboard isn’t overly sensitive either, lightly tapping down on a key didn’t make my character move when playing World of Warcraft. At the same rate though, it didn’t take much to get the keys to register, allowing me to float across the keyboard, accomplishing the tasks needed.


One of the better things about this keyboard was the customization available for the colors. Just like any other gaming keyboard, there is a program to download that you can make new color profiles with. This is the first program that actually worked the first time upon installing and booting it up. The program itself looked very dated, like it came right out of windows 98. Fortunately it worked very well, I was able to easily change the key colors to what I wanted to to make some pretty cool color customizations. Like I said before, from the build of the keyboard, the Light Strike switches and the customization options, the B975 is a pretty solid gaming keyboard. I didn’t really notice any double presses in the keys or any key presses that didn’t get picked up. I didn’t like that they keys are so loud though, having gone from higher quality keyboards that are basically silent. The cord for the keyboard is also shorter than what I would’ve liked.

The Bloody Gaming B975 Light Strike Keyboard is a great keyboard for any gamer. The keyboard also came with a wrist rest, which was pretty uncomfortable to be honest. I know that it is a little shifty if you have never heard of a company before, but thus far, it hasn’t been that bad. A negative point would be the $150 price point. Unfortunately there are other, better keyboards in this same vein are cheaper on the market. I would definitely recommend this keyboard if you have money to throw at it. For a company that I’ve never heard of before, this is a pretty good first outing.

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Review statement: This product was supplied by the developer for the sake of this review.

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