Bloody SP80 Gaming Mouse Review – Bloody… Alright

I’ve never heard of the brand Bloody until now, but since getting to know their SP80 Gaming Mouse, they seem… fine. Their website is kinda hard to navigate to find out anything about their merchandise. They seem to have everything they’ve ever made listed on their as opposed to the things that they’re currently running. Also, there’s a ton of mice on there in particular that seem to just be copies of each other, I don’t know if they just make the same thing over and over with different guts. It’s also somewhat hard to find reviews for their other products, and a few of the reviews that I found seemed really strangely written. Like someone Google Translated them from a different language, without making sure that it actually makes sense.

Weird circumstances aside, let’s talk about the mouse, and I’ll also add that they threw in an RGB mousepad as well. It’s nice, it’s their MP-60R mouse pad and it’s pretty sturdy, and their mouse glides pretty well across it. It’s found a nice home in my office at work and gets decent daily use, the software to set the light presets is decent as well. You can program all different kinds of patterns into it, but that’s pretty much it, they don’t seem to be able to react to anything. That leads into my first big problem with them though, which is the software for their equipment. This stuff looks like it crawled out of a phishing email that my grandma got back in 2000, they seriously need to update their software. I was hesitant to download any of their stuff because it looks like a comically designed virus from an early-2000’s spy movie. They also list stuff about their merchandise that doesn’t seem to make much sense, like they just made up words to market stuff. They also say things like you’ll “react faster”, which just isn’t true, a mouse doesn’t make you react faster, only you can do that by practicing.

Okay, I’m gonna talk about the mouse now because talking about weird websites and bad marketing is giving me a headache.

The mouse is fine, it’s really nothing to write home about. The best thing about it was the little metal boots on the bottom that help it glide really well, but there’s a glaring issue with them. They’re not secured to the mouse very well, it seems like it’s just some kind of gloop that holds them on, because one of mine is a little bit loose. This is after not even a week of use, mind you, though that could have just been bad manufacturing on my unit. Aside from that, the build quality is fine, I wouldn’t recommend dropping it too many times, but I don’t recommend doing that with any mouse. They promise 50 million clicks, but I’ve noticed weird things while using it. Sometimes it seems like the mouse is double-clicking by itself, but it hasn’t done it for a couple of days now. The build quality is fine, but I don’t think it’s as good as they’re touting it to be, but only time will tell.

It’s got different sniper modes that basically just allow you to set the DPI and whatnot and set them to different buttons. That way you can switch very easily between different weapons in whatever game you might be playing. Everything about the mouse balances out to it just being fine, it’s not great, but it’s not bad, and I think that there are better gaming mice out there. For 60 bucks you could definitely get something better for sure, with less sketchy-looking software.

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