Blu-Ray: Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Unboxed With Too Many Discs!

Like any Lord of the Rings fanboy I’ve now purchased Peter Jackson’s trilogy at least 800 times on various formats and technologies.  Outside of feeling like New Line has taken advantage of my balloon knot with a sandpaper condom, I’m more or less OK with that fact that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on these fine films.  The latest entry in my collection is the Blu-ray Extended Edition set, which features 15 discs and all of the films in their extended versions.  I was quite impressed with the packaging, and I should be for $70, so I’ve documented the contents of this Blu-ray package for all Tolkien fanboys to see after the break.

The one major bummer about this edition is that the movies themselves still need to be played on two different Blu-ray discs.  I for one can’t figure out why this is necessary considering that the data is on a Blu-ray disc, which can hold up to 50GBs.  Considering that the movies fit on two DVD’s I would surely think that they’d both fit on 1 Blu-ray disc, but NO, they’re on two.  Now my fat a*s will have to get up from my throne to swap the disc out like it’s the year 2004!  Come one New Line WTF?

Oh well, some physical activity never hurt anyone, but I’d love to know the reason why the movies themselves are on 2 Blu-rays instead of one.  Not to mention I’d like to know why all of the special features are on regular DVD.  I guess it’s a good thing I got it for $70 rather than full price.  The movies will always rock out with their c*cks out, but I’m about sick of New Lines LOTR fanboy r*pe!  You’ve been thinking about not getting this box set now…

Box is Setup Like a Book With a Magnetic Latch




Box Contents

Each Movie Contains 5 Discs: 2 Blu-ray (Movie), 3 DVD (Special Features)


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