Blue Striped X-Wing Featured in Abrams’ Latest Episode 7 Update

J.J. Abrams has put out a new update video for the Star Wars: Force for Change campaign to remind fans of the amazing support the initiative has received from generous backers and fans wanting to win the ultimate prize of starring in Star Wars: Episode VII. What’s even better about the video is the fact that Abrams is giving his speech in front of a true to life X-Wing fighter that is sporting a blue stripe rather than the red ones used by the rebellion during the war with Palpatine’s Empire.

Once again J.J. is proving to long-time Star Wars fans that he’s employing a more traditional approach to filming versus Lucas’ heavy reliance on green screens and CGI effects that he used during the prequels. It appears J.J. wants to use as little computer generated special effects as possible, which should come as a relief to those Star Wars fans who felt the prequels just didn’t pack enough character to be considered high quality entries in the Star Wars film saga.

You can check out J.J.’s latest Force for Change address above. Stay tuned for more details on Star Wars: Episode VII as the production continues on.


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