Boba Fett Makes His Debut on ‘The Clone Wars’ Today!

What Star Wars fan doesn’t love Boba?  Besides the fact that he died like a chump in “Return of the Jedi”, Fett has been one of the more excellent bit characters in the Star Wars universe.  From his cunning move in “The Empire Strikes Back”, to the scene in Geonosis where he’s holding the head of his dead pops, Boba always demands the fan’s attention.  Boba fans rejoice, because you’re going to be treated to more Fett history starting tonight, with his debut on the animated Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network.

“The Clone Wars” is one of the more palatable Star Wars prequel entries.  Lets face it, the prequel movies were a conglomeration of crap, so anything that is tolerable prequel-era material, should come as some sort of relief to the heinous crime committed against us known as the prequel movies.  Anyway, Boba’s legend will be further fleshed out beginning with tonight’s episode and continuing with the final two episodes of “The Clone Wars” Season 2.

To reiterate my Star Wars geekness I’ve compiled an audio tribute to the last days of Boba Fett using the soundboard found on  Check it out and see what you think, it covers the highlights of Boba’s days working for the Empire, and his demise at the hands of Han Solo getting lucky with a broom handle.  You can also check out the trailer for the Boba Fett focused 3-part finale for “The Clone Wars” below.

These may be the three best episodes yet!


You’ve been disintegrated…


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