Boba Fett’s Sarlacc Pit Escape Uniquely Detailed by Two Artists

Boba Fett is hands down one of the most memorable and iconic characters from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise, and he has become a fan favorite amongst the legion of die hards who pay homage to the Star Wars universe. His bitching armor and cool as ice attitude made him stick out in the original trilogy, while his backstory was filled in by the movies that we do not care to speak about.

Unfortunately, this dreaded bounty hunter seemingly lost his life in a way that is usually reserved for a stooge when Han Solo accidentally activated Fett’s jetpack, which resulted in him falling into the Sarlacc pit. Fans were shocked to see this formidable foe die like a chump, but Fett’s fate was rescued by the expanded universe, which told a tale of his escape from the Sarlacc’s belly.

Two artists have created very unique art pieces based on Fett’s escape from the Sarlacc pit that definitely deserve to be seen by Boba and Star Wars fans alike. The first takes a more cartoonish approach to the character and is from Mr. Hipp. The second, titled “Flight out of the Sarlacc”, is by Marko Manev, and features a style more akin to a Star Wars comic book. Both are awesome in their own ways, so head on down past the break to evaluate their merits for yourself.

“Flight out of the Sarlacc” by Marko Manev



“It’s Hard out Here For a Fett” by Mr. Hipp






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