‘BONES’ Star “In Pain” After Getting Some of Tiger’s Leftovers

It seems that celebrity sex scandals are the new fad today for the dillweeds we seem to worship in this country.  David Boreanaz, the star of such shows as ‘BONES’ and ‘Angel’, has confessed to messing around on his wife.  These famous dudes just can’t keep their snakes from finding new burrows can they?  The sad part is, their wives are, for the most part, Dimes to begin with.  It’s not like they’re married to Wendy the Retard!

David has omitted to being unfaithful with a few chicks, and one of them is allegedly Rachel Uchitel.  You may remeber that name from the Tiger Woods scandal.  This girl must have a magical pie in between her legs!  She’s now linked to two high-profile celebs, what a babe!

I guess David is too big of a wuss to make his own statements, so he has been releasing them through Hart Hanson who works on BONES.  Hart Tweeted:

“David Boreanaz has asked me to express to fans his sincere pain, thanks for support, and determination that his family will ‘get thru this.'”

Boo-hoo!  What a dork.  He’s not in pain, he just got his rocks off with some hot babes.  Why do celebs even get married at all?  Do any of their marriages work out?  Oh well, such is life when you’re a Demi-God.  You’ve been exposed to another celebrity pig…

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