Bonetown: A Game Trailer That Made My Jaw Drop!

I came across this ad for a new PC game called Bonetown, which has the tag-line of “The Video Game That Will Get You Laid.”  The whole goal of the game is to grow your balls.  I’m not making this sh*t up people.  Just wait until you watch the trailer below.  It’ll make you think that Grand Theft Auto is a child’s game.

I guess you have to hook up with fat chicks first before you can get with the bombshells.  This game looks like it’ll offend everyone.  You have never seen something like this.  South Park is weak compared to Bonetown.  I’m talking drug references, racist undertones, and graphic hooking up.  One line in the trailer that left me going WTF, is “I’ll give you the best gummer you’ve ever had!”  Unbelievable!  I may have to get on the PC gaming bandwagon after all.

If you want to check this game out head on over to the website.  It costs $34.99 and can be downloaded for instant play, or you can go the old-school route and get a DVD.  You have to at least watch the trailer below.  I’ll warn you it’s not for the kiddies, so you may want to watch this at home in a locked room.  You’ve been left going WOAH…


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