Boomerang Lightsabers Featured in Star Wars Downunder Fan Film

Star Wars Downunder fan film

Star Wars Downunder fan filmWe were just notified of a highly imaginative Star Wars fan film called Star Wars Downunder, which is a 30-minute take on Lucas’ space opera with a unique premise. Let’s just say that beer has finally made its way to that far, far away galaxy.

Star Wars Downunder is the brain child of Michael Cox and Bryan Meakin, and it features a plot that most Star Wars fans wouldn’t even dream of on hallucinogens, but that’s what makes this indie project so special. The film’s About page summarizes the project perfectly:

“What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer?  Star Wars Downunder: an epic tale of the good the bad and the thirsty.”

Beer, Jedis, and the Star Wars Universe in one complete package? Yes please!

The first trailer for the fan film has been released, and you can preview it after the break. The level of quality present in this project is undeniably strong as it features some amazing VFX work not typically seen in fan films. The world looks and feels like Star Wars, and while the concept may be nuttier than a nerf herder, its production value is topnotch. Also, How could any Star Wars fan not want to see a boomerang lightsaber in action?

Star Wars Downunder doesn’t have an official release date quite yet, but when it comes out in full we will make sure to notify you of its presence in the Force.

The film tells the story of a lone Jedi: Merve Bushwacker (David Nicoll), returning home after a long absence. His mission? To partake in a refreshing beverage, known locally as amber fluid. On his arrival, he is dismayed to discover the planet has become as dry as a dead dingo′s donger, thanks to the tyrannical rule of Darth Drongo. Drongo has hoarded all the amber fluid in his impenetrable fortress “Dunny’s Deep” for reasons unknown. Can Merve, and a motley collection of unlikely allies band together to topple Drongo’s evil regime? Will liberty and amber fluid flow freely once more?

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