Borderlands is a highly successful franchise that has earned the folks at Gearbox lots of cash, and so Borderlands: The Pre-sequel is set to earn them lots more. In the game, players will explore the moon orbiting the beloved planet Pandora. As the video states, The Pre-Sequel is the first game to bring lasers to the series which look particularly destructive. Besides some talk on the in-game gun manufactures and the afformentioned lasers, Gearbox also digs in on the obvious inclusion of downloadable content.

Those who are fans of the series will be aware that downloadable content played a massive role in the series, and The Pre-Sequel will be no different in that aspect. Check out the final making of video and get hyped to enter the crazed world of Borderlands once again on October 14th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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