Bored? Use This Bookmarklet to Blow Up the Web!

If you’re like me you can become severely bored at times and need something to pass the time.  These adult pacifiers could be smartphones, iPods, iPads, etc.  I found a new time waster that lets you destroy web pages Asteroids style!  It’s a pretty neat piece of coding that when clicked displays  a little spaceship that you can fly around your screen and blow up stuff on a web page.

It’s great for blowing up those annoying Farmville wall posts, or exploding one of your friend’s deep thoughts.  I had a great time blowing up some Entertainment Buddha pages as well.  Take a look at the video below for a demo of what this little web page game looks like.  If you want to start wreaking havoc on the Internet follow this link to github.  The directions can be found on that page as well.  Happy web blasting!  You’ve been wanting to blow up your friend’s stupid a*s wall posts for years…


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Via [Gizmodo Video by jiharris]


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