Boss Logic Nails His Tributes to the Sony Spider-Man Debacle

Spider-Man fans got a collective gut punch this week when it was revealed that the web slinger would no longer be a part of the MCU due to Sony and Disney having a pissing match with each other over his use. Sony has come out and said that a deal couldn’t get done due to Kevin Feige’s commitments, but other reports have hinted at the dispute coming down to a new revenue split. Either way, at this point in time, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been taken out of the MCU, and while we may still see him in action in the suit, his stories will not be tied to the good Marvel universe, and therefore, they will definitely not be as good or important to the direction of live-action Marvel.

Fans from around the world have been lamenting the news and taking to social media to air their grievances and pain. Some blame Sony, some blame Disney, but in the end, we’re all getting fucked because a few white guys in suits want more money.

Other fans have used their skills to depict the pain of losing Spider-Man from the MCU, and Boss Logic has put out some of the best sad tributes. You can check them out below and feel sad at the same time.

This one is particularly evil as it depicts Sony’s Venom overtaking MCU Spider-Man
This is a retweet of a piece he did for Endgame, but it works perfectly for this news too
This one clearly shows that Boss feels Sony is to blame

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