BossLogic Creates Somber Send-off ‘Avengers 4’ Art Pieces for the Top Two Avengers

The almighty Bosslogicis looking to pull on your MCU-loving heart strings with two of his latest Avengers 4 art pieces. He’s calling them “face to face send offs” and they’re meant to be memorials of sorts for two of the most iconic Avengers. One is quite more depressing than the other, but both hit home if you’re a Marvel fan.

The piece that is quite depressing to me is the send off between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. You’ll notice that the Boss took the creative leap that Pepper was indeed pregnant, which makes the scene so much more emotionally impactful. You’re seeing a women talking to a projection of her probably dead baby’s Daddy. I mean that is some heavy stuff!

The second piece is also sad, because it implies that Cap dies in Avengers 4 as well, because he finally gets to have that last dance with his lady love, Peggy Carter. Now this piece to me is more of a happy-sad piece, meaning it features a happy moment for Steve and Peggy, but a sad one for fans of the character.

Who knows if either of these moments, or similar ones will take place, but clearly BossLogic feels that both Tony and Steve will not make it out of Avengers 4 alive, and I think other MCU fans are in agreement.

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