BossLogic Envisions Epic Captain Marvel and Thanos Showdown in Avengers 4 Fan Art


Photoshop Master BossLogic is back with another epic design for Avengers 4, which he is calling Avenge Us — I’d be down with that, plus check out his other Avenge Us concept pieces for good measure — and it features a showdown between Captain Marvel and the Mad Titan himself. Based on the end credits scene in Infinity War, we have all been led to believe that Captain Marvel will play a huge role in Avengers 4, so based on that information BossLogic formulated his piece. Who knows if these two characters will come to blows in a one-on-one scenario like his piece suggests, but there’s a great chance they’ll do battle at some point, especially when you consider Captain Marvel’s cosmic powers, and the fact that she may be the only superpowered hero capable of taking on Thanos now that most of the good guys have been dusted by his snap.

Either way March 2019 can’t come soon enough, because that’s when the Captain Marvel movie debuts to set up her origin and place in the MCU, then it will surely lead right into the ending of Infinity War with a post-credit scene en route to Captain Marvel showing up in Avengers 4. And we thought the 2018 slate of MCU films were amazing! Here’s to more MCU awesomeness in 2019! Head on down below to check out the full version of BossLogic’s art, and make sure to soak in all the details while you do.


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