BossLogic Provides A Cheeky Follow Up Shot to ‘Infinity War’s’ Post-Credits Scene

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War!

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War there was a post-credit scene that not only sets up next year’s Captain Marvel, but it also will ultimately serve as a bridge between Infinity War’s tragic end and Avengers 4. If you haven’t seen it yet shame on you for not sticking around for it, or double shame on you for not seeing Infinity War yet because it’s awesome. In all seriousness though, the scene shows that just before Nick Fury and Maria Hill get atomized by Thanos’ snap, he sends a distress call to someone using a pager. That someone is revealed to be Captain Marvel, who will be officially introduced into the MCU next spring, just before Avengers 4 hits theaters.

Like all MCU post-credit scenes it served as a critical introduction to Captain Marvel to make her already feel like a part of the universe, so it achieved its job. Now, thanks to fans like BossLogic, who also happens to be a masterful digital artist, we can see how Captain Marvel reacted to Nick Fury’s page. It’s definitely a cheeky take on the moment, but one worth checking out, so do that below. Also make sure to give BossLogic a follow, because the dude puts out awesomeness on a daily basis.

Captain Marvel hits theaters next March.


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