Brand New Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer Drops

Rocksteady Games has finally given its Batman: Arkham Asylum fans something to pop wood over with the newest gameplay trailer for Asylum’s sequel Batman: Arkham City being released today.  First off, as expected the game looks amazing.  All of the characters are wonderfully rendered, and the new Arkham City setting looks like something out of the movies or cartoons.  The action itself looks very promising as well, and I’m really digging the new gliding mechanic that the open surroundings of the city provide.  Plus, for videogame chicks, Harley Quinn and Catwoman look pretty damn appealing.  Not that I’d ever fantasize over a computer generated woman, oh wait, I broke that rule as a kid when I first had dirty thoughts about Jessica Rabbitt, never mind I’m a pig just like the rest of you males when it comes to women.

Anyway, check out the trailer below for Batman: Arkham City.  The sequel definitely seems to be building upon what was great about the first game, as well as making new innovations itself.  I think Arkham City will allow Batman fans to truly experience what it’s like to be the Dark Knight.  You’ve been wanting a Batman style tool belt with all of those wonderful toys…


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