The DC Multiverse based MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is looking to expand the already massive popularity of the genre by making letting beloved comic book characters take the main stage. The development team at Turbine has been hard at work attempting to make Infinite Crisis a MOBA experience the likes of which has never been seen. In Turbine’s newest developer diary, the team discusses Infinite Crisis’ signature ‘catastrophic events’ system and how incorporating fully destructible environments will forever change the face of the game.

Explosions and general chaos are all par for the course in Infinite Crisis, as Turbine explains it, because they want to make a world that very much feels the impact of the superheroes and villains who populate it. The premise of Infinite Crisis is certainly a new take on the MOBA genre and will surely bridge the gap between die-hard fans of MOBAs as well as the legions of comic book fanatics.

As an added, bonus, Turbine released the official Joker artwork, visible above, that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the viscous prankster.

Infinite Crisis is set to release this year on the PC. Be sure to take a look at the Turbine Developer Diary embedded below.

Infinite Crisis Behind the Scenes Dev Diary Part 3:

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