Brawlers Beware: Curses ‘N Chaos Coming Soon

The stakes are high in Curses ‘N Chaos, an upcoming brawler from Mercenary Kings developer Tribute Games.

Set to release for the PlayStation 4, Vita, and Steam (PC/MAC) on August 18, 2015, Curses ‘N Chaos takes retro visuals and old-school brawling sensibilities as players attempt to stave off death by beating up a boatload of baddies.

In Curses ‘N Chaos, players can take on the role of two bounty hunters known as Leo and Lea. Fated to an unfortunate curse by the Wizard King, the Leo and Lea must use their fighting skills and alchemical skills to defeat legions of monsters in order to survive.

Visually, Curses ‘N Chaos keeps it quite retro, opting for stylish pixel art in this single-screen brawler. The action comes fast and frequently in Curses ‘N Chaos, tasking players with crafting potions and other concoctions in order to gain the upper hand.

Check out the newly releases Curses ‘N Chaos screens in the gallery below to get a feel of what to expect from Tribute Games’ latest offering.


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