I knew that Brawlhalla was a thing that existed, but until PAX East this year, I didn’t know much more than that. Taylor and I both got to sit in a private booth and play Brawlhalla together for the first time while also checking out a brand new character, Mordex. Mordex is a werewolf character with hard-hitting, sweeping attacks that can spike other players right off the stage (which is extremely fun). Some of the coolest things that we were shown during our time with the game were character-related levels, sort of like the things you’d see in Smash Bros. Something that fans of the game have been wanting for a while are places to relate to their favorite characters, to see where they came from.

Now, I want to just gush about how fun this game is, new content aside, because this was easily one of the most exciting games I got to play at PAX. I love playing Smash, Taylor and I both do, it’s a game series that I’ve always loved since I played Melee on the Gamecube. Brawlhalla takes a lot of the fun, fast-paced gameplay from those games, cranks up the speed, switches everything to 2D, and it’s awesome! Every character has two unique weapons, usually a shorter weapon, like a sword or gloves, and a longer weapon, like a scythe or pole arm. The weapons definitely give you an edge over other players, but they spawn so frequently that there’s always the opportunity to snag one.

There are other items like bombs and throwable objects that can be used to catch people off-guard as well, constantly keeping everyone on their toes. The special modes like Brawl Ball were also a hoot to play, like a combination between Smash and Rocket League, and a nice refresher after a couple deathmatches. Check out the trailer above and some screens below and let us know what you think or if you’re already a fan of the game!

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