Breach and Clear: Deadline is a tactical top-down RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, because the zombie apocalypse is the best apocalypse. The player takes control of a 4-man squad that you can customize in many different ways, every character can be any of the classes and can juggle more than one class at once. Every class has it’s own skill tree and new skills and abilities can be unlocked using points acquired by leveling up, much like many RPGs.



It’s more beneficial to just have each character support one class and level up those skills specifically, because some of the later skills in each skill tree can be really helpful, such as continuously regenerating health for the whole team. Aside from skills, you can also find items and equipment to use in succession with your skills, you can also find satchel charges, grenades, flash bangs, mines, all sorts of other stuff to cause havoc.


You can opt between the tactical mode where time is stopped and you can pick where you want each squad mate to go, what you want them to do, and if you want them to use equipment, heal, etc. Not only that, but once you’ve got everything sorted out and objectives made, you can move time forward very slowly, so that in case you realize you made a mistake, you can take it back before it fully plays out. This can help you from getting someone killed when you send them into a room, because the game uses the “fog of war” mechanic, so if part of the room isn’t in your cone of vision, you can’t see enemies hiding in it. Being able to cancel commands on the fly really helps, you can really quickly get everyone out of the room, toss a grenade in, and let that handle the hard work. After that, you can run in and mop up what’s left, and scour for any weapons or weapon parts or supplies.



The other mode of gameplay is typical twin-stick shooter style, which is good when you’re just moving down the street, or picking off one or two enemies from a hallway or a room. Mighty Rabbit Studios & Gun Media were super awesome while I was playing the demo, these guys were wicked into teaching people how to play, and they were good teachers! These guys got a good game on their hands, and I hope that it continues on the path of success, I can’t wait to see it’s full release!


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