Breakdown and Analysis of the Two Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailers Plus a Ton of Stills

Disney and Lucasfilm finally decided to open the promotional floodgates for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which as of last week had nothing but a synopsis to read. Now one week later we have two trailers, and a set of new character posters, so Solo is finally in the limelight.

I’ve taken both trailers and broken them down while providing analysis for what I think may be going on. For the Super Bowl teaser I only captured the moments that weren’t shown in the full trailer, but between the two videos below, I’ve gone over every key shot with a fine tooth comb. The trailer is definitely edited in a way that doesn’t allow the timeline to be figured out, so everything I say is pure speculation. I do think after seeing both of the trailers that Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra character may be just as important as Han and Chewie in this film, so I have developed a newfound interest in her character.

Below you will find the breakdown video for the Super Bowl teaser, as well as stills taken from the trailer. After that analysis, you can check out the breakdown of the full teaser, which will also be followed by a batch of stills.

Make sure to tune into Star Wars Time later this week for our in-depth discussion on the trailers!

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