In the wake of the passing of music icon Prince, I did what many folks did, watch again the epic sketch comedy bit on Chappelle’s Show from 2004. The now legendary Prince sketch was a series Chappelle did called, “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories.” They were not only a smashing success, but perhaps the best sketch comedy done anywhere since the days of In Living Color.

What was also great about the sketch was not just that it was hilarious, but it brought to light things about Prince that many people did not know. Like the fact he was a real good basketball player, who also exemplified good sportsmanship. At the end of the sketch someone asks Charlie Murphy what happened after the game which he and his entourage lost, and he said Prince made them all pancakes!

It was really good and memorable comedy. And apparently Prince thought so too because nine years after Chappelle played him in the story narrated by Murphy, Prince made a single in 2003 called Breakfast Can Wait. The single was accompanied by artwork that featured Chappelle dressed as Prince and serving pancakes (above featured image). At the time when this happened and I learned of it, I remember thinking to myself what a cool cat Prince must be to do that. Below is the video to said song, enjoy. #RIPPrince




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