Breaking Down The Top 12 Moments From Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf

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The light speed enabled seventh season of Game of Thrones came to a satisfying close with “The Dragon and The Wall”, which offered up one shocking death of a major character, and plenty of revelations that will shape how the rest of the series plays out in its eighth and final season. I actually think it was more tame than many of us in Game of Thrones Nation expected, but after last week’s monumental episode, I guess the writers wanted to give us all a break.

There were so many memorable moments featured in this episode, but for the sake of time and sanity, I whittled the list down to 12. Of course I placed the moments or exchanges that didn’t make the cut into the Assorted Musings section after the Top Moments section. Head on down below to find out which 12 moments were this finale’s most iconic and impactful.

The Dragon and the Wolf Top 12 Moments

1. The Dragon Pit Entrances


While the arrivals of the main game players didn’t feature a twist or major outright betrayal, just seeing all of the main characters come together in the same place for the first time in show history was epic to say the least. The tension was the thickest ever in a show full of tense moments, and each of the leads made their presences known in one way or another. Jon and Tryion rolled in casually with Bronn, while Cersei made a grand entrance with her Kingsguard and brother, but Dany’s arrival easily outclassed all of them. There’s no better way to intimidate your enemies with two dragons, so she easily won the baddest ass entrance of the millennia award in Westeros.

2. The Wight Reveal and Euron’s (Pretend) Panic

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The next major moment took place in the same dragon pit that the game players arrived in, and it involves the reveal of the Wight Jon and his team brought down from Hardhome to prove to Cersei that the Night King and his forces are real. I loved how the scene was setup, and that at first it appeared as if the Wight had died, only to have it go batshit crazy and dash towards the Mad Queen for a quick bite of her face. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but the shock on everyone’s faces proved that Jon and Tyrion’s dumb plan actually paid off. Sort of, at least until the Mad Queen revealed her true plans later on in the episode.

With that being said, Eruon’s fake fear of the Wights caught me off guard, because he is a Tommy Tough Guy after all, but thanks to Cersei we later found out why he seemingly bailed on his prize of the Queen’s hand in marriage.

3. Jon Snow Still Knows Nothing

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Jon, like Ned, will never learn that sometimes a lie is better than the truth, which he learned the hard way by not supporting Cersei over Dany. By doing this he effectively screwed any chance of Cersei helping him and Dany out, so it looked like he screwed himself again by being Mr. Honesty.

In the end, it probably wouldn’t have mattered either way what Jon said, because we later learned that Cersei never intended to help Dany and Jon out in the first place.

4. Tyrion Tempts Fate

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The meeting between Cersei and and Tyrion was just as tense, if not more tense than the dragon pit parlay. Let’s face it, she’s hated him since his birth, and has wanted nothing but his head since he killed their Father and fled King’s Landing with the help of Jaime and Varys. When Tyrion said that only he could talk her back into a partnership, I thought that he may finally get wiped out.

While that didn’t happen, the exchange between the two was iconic to say the least. We later learned that once again Cersei was playing him the whole time, but the emotions between these two mega-characters were all over the place. This exchange just goes to show how shifty Cersei is, and how well she is at playing the game and her own family members.

5. Cersei Commits to the Good Fight But Not Really

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Again, while watching this episode play out, many of its early scenes and exchanges came off as highly impactful and notable, but some of them lost their punch after Cersei revealed her true and very devious plan. With that in mind, this scene was still epic, as it tricked us all into thinking that Tyrion successfully talked Cersei into joining the Good Fight after she purposely telegraphed the fact that she was pregnant.

If anything, this little ploy highlights the Mad Queen’s ability to work anyone over to her plans while also making them think that they too scored some sort of victory. She’s evil to the core, so I hope her betrayal comes back and bites her in the ass like we all know it will.

Jaime is coming for you dear, watch out!

6. Sansa and the Finger Finalize Their Plot (Or so we thought)

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Like the previous moment, this one too lost a bit of its luster after the episode played out a bit, but while it was going down it was a very concerning moment. I’m referring to the discussion between Sansa and Little Finger about what to do about Arya. During the exchange Petyr seemingly convinced Sansa that Arya is bad news and needed to be dealt with severely, so as an audience member, you started to believe that Sansa may in fact be clueless about Petyr’s ultimate intentions, and that she would blindly take his advice on her sister.

Luckily, we found out that she is no dummy and got the revenge she and her sister needed to feel after all of the bullshit people like Little Finger had put them through over the years. But still, I was impressed with how Petyr handled this exchange, and a part of me really did feel like Sansa bought into his deceptions.

7. Theon’s Redemption Begins

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Poor Theon, the most pathetic main character in the show, who has no man parts and is pretty much considered to be the biggest coward in Westeros. While he deserved most of the torment he went through due to his dumbass ambitions, one must feel for him as a character thanks to all of the shit he’s been through since he foolishly took over Winterfell. He’s a beaten man in more ways than one, so it was nice to see him finally start to do something with his tattered life by planning to save Yara from Euron.

I felt that his fight with the Iron Born was the start of his redemption, because he’s finally gotten some of his guts back over the loss of his sister due to his cowardice. I don’t think Theon will make it to the end of the show alive, but I do think he will redeem himself and die saving his sister from certain doom, so I appreciated his gutsy brawl and victory.

8. The Stark Sister Twist With a Bran Assist


This moment provided us with the shocking main character death that we have come to expect in a Game of Thrones finale. Just as it looked like Petyr successfully turned Sansa against Arya, they flip the script and call him out in front of all of the Northern Lords. You had to enjoy watching him squirm as Sansa called him out on all of his transgressions against her family. What was even more enjoyable was hearing Bran the Raven call him out on his lies by quoting his exact words he said to Ned when he betrayed the Starks at Kings Landing.

Little Finger was a masterful game player, which makes Sansa and Arya’s plan to trick him even more impressive. He clearly didn’t see Sansa’s accusation coming from a mile away, which goes to show that she has learned plenty about the game since her days as a sweet girl wanting to be a Princess. You also have to appreciate that Arya slit his throat with the same knife he gave to the assassin that tried to kill Bran.

When it comes down to it I actually think Bran had a lot of involvement in this plan too, but they just didn’t show his contributions. He had to have had discussed Petyr’s shenanigans with his sisters, because he could legitimize any theories they had on him with his ability to see the truth.

9. Cersei Reveals Her Grand Plan So Jaime Bails


I’ve been teasing this moment throughout this post, so here it is. When Cersei revealed her true plans to Jaime about betraying Dany and Jon, I was just as shocked as him, but shouldn’t have been considering the person we’re discussing. I guess I was fooled by her claim to assist in the fight against the Night King, and stupidly thought she was genuine, but like Jaime I too am dumb.

We also learned that Euron’s leaving was a ruse and that he is off to pick up the Golden Company, so she showed to Jaime that she can’t even trust Jaime to be included in these types of backroom plans.

I think his departing her once and for all was even more impactful than the reveal itself. It cemented his transition from a dick wad to a genuine good dude. He’s always gotten bad rap, much of it deserved, but after having his hand chopped off and spending time with Brienne, he’s slowly become a person of compassion. His love for Cersei has blinded him to her madness, but that isn’t the case anymore.

Jaime leaving signals the beginning of the end for Cersei. He will kill her, and now that is even more clear than before. He’ll more than likely join up with his brother, Jon, and Dany, so there is no doubt that he will be across the field when his mad sister comes to betray the Northern forces battling the Night King.

10. Jon = Aegon

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If you have been a Thrones fan for decades, then you probably already guessed who Jon Snow may actually be. It was tipped off and legitimized last season thanks to Bran’s vision of the Tower of Joy, but now we know for sure his real name and lineage. Bran brought the name to the table, which was finally revealed to us all after Lyanna saying it was blatantly muted during the Season 6 finale. Jon is Aegon Targaryan, he’s not a Snow, and he’s not a Sand (Bran thought that would be the case until Sam’s information).

While Bran knew the truth of Jon’s true parentage and name, he didn’t know that Rhaegar and Lyanna were actually wed in secret. Sam brought this news to the mix, which made Bran realize, and the rest of us, that Robert’s Rebellion was a sham, and that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

This will surely cause all sorts of nonsense during the show’s final season, because after all, Jon and Dany have literally gone all in with each other, which I’ll mention in the next top moment. How will these two react to the news that Jon is Dany’s nephew, and that his claim to the Throne is greater than hers? Will they be disgusted with themselves and each other? Will they embrace it? Will Jon want to be King? All of these questions will surely be answered next season, but hot damn that is a long ways away at this point. It’s a waiting game now, but this reveal will be a game changer in every sense of the phrase.

11. Ice and Fire Become One


We all knew it was coming, especially after last week’s episode, which showed how much Dany really cared for Jon and vice versa. These two mains finally hooked up, and they looked like they enjoyed their romp immensely. While these two were having a heck of a time though, we were all left with an empty feeling after the reveal from the previous top moment. We know that their love will be spoiled in some fashion due to Jon’s true parentage, so while everything appeared to be heading in the right direction with these two, they will surely be torn from the inside out due to Bran’s revelation.

12. Tear down the Wall


You had to love the final scene in this finale, and it is one that most of us probably saw coming after the events of last week’s episode, which saw the Night King getting a dragon of his own. GoT fans always wondered how the Night King would get past the wall, and now we know. It had nothing to do with magical spells or frozen bodies of water. Rather, it came down with the help of the Night King’s new WMD – Viserion the Ice Dragon.

The destruction of the wall was a spectacle to say the least. It also confirmed that while Viserion may be an ice dragon, he still spits fire even if it’s blue in color. His show of power was impressive, and he will definitely provide for a major headache on the parts of the good guys trying to stop the Night King.

Dammit Jon, your plan really, really, really sucked with hindsight!

Assorted Musings From The Dragon and the Wolf

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  • Bronn continues to have some of the greatest lines about cock in the show. He first poked fun at the cockless Unsullied, and then he offered to let someone suck his magic cock. He’s a hilarious character, and even found a way to bring levity to this tense finale.
  • The Hound and Brienne talking about Arya was awesome. Both were charged with keeping her safe, but in the end she took lessons from them and became a masterful killer on her own, so it was like watching proud parents talk about their kid becoming a successful adult.
  • Seeing Bronn and Tyrion talk is always heartwarming when you consider that Tyrion is the one who brought Bronn into the fold. It’s sad that they are on opposite sides of this war, but that may change as Cersei’s madness strengthens. If Jaime left, I don’t think Bronn is far behind.
  • We only got a tease of it, but seeing the Hound confront his brother the Mountain is something fans have wanted to see for years, if not decades.
  • Brienne talking sense into Jaime was to be expected, but this exchange at least showed that Jaime understands his sister madness, but feels lost over how to handle it.
  • The goodbye between Jaime and Tyrion ended up being premature, but it was still touching to say the least.
  • Jon once again showed his compassion by forgiving Theon and motivating him to do something about his sister.

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