Breathtaking New Trailer Released for Super Cloudbuilt

The fast-paced parkour platformer, Super Cloudbuilt, has finally stuck a landing date! Pre-orders will be going live on the PS4 soon, and anyone who does pre-order Super Cloudbuilt will unlock an extensive demo with their early purchase!

In Super Cloudbuilt, players are thrown into the role of a young soldier named Demi, who wakes up in a completely different and strange world. Confused and alone, Demi pushes herself physically and mentally to overcome the new obstacles of her new, unknown life.

Super Cloudbuilt looks stunning! It’s definitely a fast-paced game, but it looks super neat. Demi, the main character can run along walls while shooting at enemies which is super bad ass! The world Demi wakes up in is, what seems to be, destroyed and abandoned. Super Cloudbuilt has a futuristic feel to it and I think it’s a cool new representation being brought to life by Double Eleven!

To check out more information on Super Cloudbuilt, click here!


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