Brief Look At a Deleted Scene From The Last Jedi Shows Rey’s Third Lesson

Yesterday on the Star Wars Show a featurette debuted to show off the novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will feature a few deleted scenes from the film, as well as expanded takes on what was shown in the movie.

During this little featurette Rian Johnson explains how the book allows for some of the film’s deleted scenes to come back to life, and while he is talking about it, you can see footage of a scene on Ahch-To that was cut from the film, but briefly shown in the trailer. The scene in particular that we saw a glimpse of in the trailer is the action shot of Rey running with her lightsaber ignited at night time towards something. Thanks to the clip in the Star Wars Show segment, we can now see what she was running towards, and her destination was the Caretaker’s village. Apparently, Luke made it look like the village was being attacked by raiders to provide Rey with her final test, which is a pretty cruel method to teach her the lesson that any hero can save the day, not some ancient order like the Jedi.

Scenes like this and others will be included in the novelization of the film, and hopefully they’ll also be included as bonuses on the home release. You can check out the scene of Rey and the Caretaker’s village below. I’ve queued it up to the segment on the novel.

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